Firefox has a new side-by-side tab feature for

I downloaded Firefox 4 on to both my desktop (XP) & laptop (Win7). On the laptop the tabs are a bright color, including the tabs that are not open. On my desktop, they are a dark color and the unopened tabs are difficult to read. ColorfulTabs – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) Mar 13, 2020 How To Change Firefox Background Wallpaper, More In 2020 Jul 17, 2020

Jun 05, 2018

Feb 03, 2017 Firefox Color - GitHub

Colorful Tabs for Firefox is a highly customizable add-on that makes each tab that you open a different color which makes tabs easier to distinguish from each other and it helps to make the active tab stand out against the background tabs.

I'd like to see an option for Firefox for Desktop to be able to use the theme-color metatag to colour the tabs/navigation, as a user option. It could be similar to lightweight themes and I've attached an image to show how Vivaldi looks, how Firefox on Windows 10 and Windows 7 looks, and how Firefox could look (mock-up) if it took a colour on 10/7. Firefox Change Active Tab Color - Web Browsing/Email and Firefox Change Active Tab Color - posted in Web Browsing/Email and Other Internet Applications: I finally have installed Firefox 2. I want to change the color of the active tab because there isnt css - Firefox: How to test prefers-color-scheme? - Stack Another way to do this is to go to about:config, and set the devtools.inspector.color-scheme-simulation.enabled property to true. This adds a button to the devtools inspector tab which allows you to quickly switch between emulating light mode and dark mode on the current page. Eventually this feature will no longer be hidden behind a flag.