Sep 06, 2017

everything fine after reboot the PPTP not worked client side. the pptpd status shows " pptpd dead but subsys locked ". how to solve the problem. i removed the file present in the /var/lock/subsys/pptpd. but still again same problem / pptp not connecting on client side. my iptables rules VEXXHOST - How To Setup Your Own VPN With PPTP on Linux Next step is to edit the default configuration file /etc/pptpd.conf, using our favourite editor and add the following lines: localip remoteip In this case, is the IP that will be used inside the VPN by the VPN server, and An IP from the range will be assigned to each client that will be Starting pptpd: 运行不下去的原因_服务器应用_Linux公社-Linux系 … 安装pptpd后,启动服务时无法启动. service pptpd start . 若已经配置chkconfig pptpd on则开机时停止在Starting pptpd: 运行不下去。 tail -f /var/log/message . 可以看到. pptpd[6974]: Long config file … [SOLVED] Monitor users connected to PPTPD VPN - Linux Nov 05, 2014

echo > /etc/pptpd.conf paste the following content into the pptpd.conf file #start of custom file #logwtmp option /etc/ppp/options.pptpd localip # local vpn IP remoteip # ip range for connections listen 23.216.x.x # eth0 my example public IP and network interface #end of custom file

pptpd: PPTP VPN daemon - Linux Man Pages (8) To turn on debugging, add 'debug' to /etc/pptpd.conf and your PPP options file, and restart pptpd. Typically the PPP options file is options.pptpd in /etc/ppp, though on some distributions it may be pptpd-options. Use your package manager to find it, e.g. 'rpm -ql pptpd | grep options' or 'dpkg --listfiles pptpd …

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