Much good advice has already been given with regards to installing Keyloggers, and you can always DuckDuckGo for more. So I will just give more input, purely for informational / entertainment reasons.

Nov 13, 2007 [Force to Open] Ardamax Keylogger Remote Install with Nov 27, 2015 Best Free Keylogger | Documentation By default, sending screenshots with email reports is switched off on Best Free Keylogger. This is due to file size limitations by mail servers affecting the number of screenshots that can be sent with one email. It is possible to enable sending screenshots with emails, but we recommend using a different delivery method if large numbers of

python - Keylogger sending Log as E-Mail in an Interval

Once victim opens the keylogger, the keylogger will work in background and starts sending back the keystrokes to your email inbox; NOTE : This Keylogger runs in background and can be stopped by killing “Host Processor” in Task Manager (This can be avoided b Ticking “Stop TaskManager” in Settings menu while building the keylogger. How to Send Keyloggers Through Email Attachments

Dec 13, 2013

Jun 27, 2017 · You can configure Best Keylogger to send its logs to an email address. With a Best Keylogger paid license, you can choose how frequently to send logs. Using Best Keylogger's free version you can