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Setting Up a Router VPN: The Ultimate Guide | TheBestVPN Connect your primary router to your computer using another Ethernet cable by connecting its LAN port to your computer’s LAN port. Or, if you’re using a wireless connection, make sure the primary router is connected to the internet: Both configurations allow your VPN router to piggyback on your primary router’s internet connection. Trying to connect a modem/router to another router DSL Router with a hardwired connection once you have that working and can access the Internet, plug in the CAT 5 cable from the Modem/Router to the Uplink port of the Lynksis and then again with a

Cascading or Connecting a Linksys router to another router

Dec 24, 2013 How Do I Put My Cable Modem + Router Combo (also called a

How can I connect one wireless router to another?

Dec 24, 2013 · Replace the wireless router you're using in that location with a Gigabit Ethernet switch. The switch should allow all wired devices to work correctly, however, there are some devices that might be bothered by the large amount of multicast IP traffic that will occur on all ports when the STB is powered on.