2020-6-18 · The Concurrent Users view shows concurrent users and the products they are licensed to use. The information is loaded from userlist-concurrent.txt (located under | conf directory), but only entries that are valid are loaded (invalid entries are logged into INFO log file).

how to estimate concurrent users that system can handle 2020-7-21 · We are using PRPC 6.2 SP2 We did some load testing for our application and found out that performance became extremely bad quickly once the concurrent users number grows and reaches certain threshold. Looking at the memory usage and garbage collection data, we think it is very likely due to the memory consumption in application server. i.e. (number of users) x (average memory usage per … 性能指标--并发用户数(Concurrent Users) - … 2013-7-31 · 性能指标--并发用户数(Concurrent Users) 并发用户数是指:在某一时间点,与被测目标系统同时进行交互的客户端用户的数量. 并发用户数有以下几种含义: 1. 并发虚拟用户数(Concurrent Virtual Users,Users_CVU) 在使用专用的测试工具(如Loadrunner

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