A $49.99 per month plan with 100GB of data. This 100GB is split into 50GB for peak hours, and 50GB for off-peak. Off-peak is defined as between 2:30am and 8:30am; TPG NBN plans are available on either an 18-month contract or on a month-to-month basis. If you …

Most NBN speed promises actually being delivered: ACCC | ZDNet The consumer watchdog has found that NBN speeds are now only 'marginally' dropping off during peak periods, with telcos delivering between 80 and 90 percent of maximum speeds at all times. Chorus has over 50% of NZ broadband on fibre | ZDNet Jul 17, 2019 M UNLIMITED - tpg.com.au

Want to share my experience as a tpg adsl2+ giong into NBN transition. got the 25mbps or else no point taking 12 cos I get faster speed (15mbps on adsl2) I must say everything went well, except after you get the new contract. Postponed NBN installation due to mistake with TPG setting up wrong date and I taken half a day off work just to be there.

Broadband Off-Net Usage Quota and Shaping - TPG Telecom For example, the monthly quota in the Standalone ADSL2+ 500GB plan is divided into 250GB peak and 250GB off-peak quota; this means each month you have a download limit of 250GB during peak time and 250GB during off-peak time. For ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundleplans, the off-peak time is 1am - 9am.

Sep 15, 2019

Off Peak Hours - TPG Community Based on your NBN12 Plan's Off-Peak Period: 0230-0830. Download summary will show it is connected as long as the modem/router is turned on. I can see that your service has been connected to our network since 2018-10-31. TPG peak and off-peak times - TPG Jan 14, 2008