From here, you can see not only your browsing history, but your download history as well, and you can clear both, either all at once, or one site at a time. To do this, simply hover over the item you want to delete, and then click the “X” that appears next to it.

Managing Your Browsing History in Safari for the iPhone Jul 03, 2020 View and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer Jun 05, 2020 Delete Browsing History On Any Device Fast! Want to delete your browsing history fast? Wipe Away Browser History in Minutes for Free on any device. 100% Free Tutorial By Tech Expert. Clear Your Browsing History Fast! It doesn’t matter if you are on a mobile device, tablet or PC, simply follow these Step-By-Step Instructions Guaranteed t Delete Browsing History On Your iPhone. Show

Jul 03, 2020

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