Nov 01, 2016

Use the Right Apps. Another way to make sure you don't draw too much attention to yourself while tethering is to avoid using the tethering apps that your wireless carrier is on the lookout for. Top 10 Best Tethering Apps (Android/IPhone) 2020 Dec 04, 2019 How to Tether Your Android Phone - Lifehacker Finally, the PDAnet Android application lets you tether Android using an app on the phone plus simple software you install on your computer. PDAnet costs $30 if you want to access https ports Unable to tether the phone to the computer using USB cable Unable to tether the phone to the computer using USB cable. Unable to tether the phone to the computer using USB cable. USB Tethering lets you share the Internet connection between your computer (or other devices) and your phone. In order for this feature to work, you will need Hotspot service and the feature will need to be turned on.

# One method is about turning the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This requires the help of the application called Android Wi-Fi Tether. This method also involves what is known as rooting. Rooting means gaining access to services that manufacturers or sometimes carriers impose on the device. For the Wi-Fi Tether to work, your phone must be rooted.

How to tether your iPad to your phone. With just a few taps you can connect your iPad to your iPhone or Android device, turning it into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Using an iPhone. Tethering mobile phone to home network using ASUS router

How to Tether Your Android Phone and Share Its Internet

tethering - Can I Bluetooth tether my Android to iPhone When I activate Bluetooth on my Android phone (Settings > Wireless & Network settings > Bluetooth > turn on > Bluetooth Settings > Discoverable > turn on) I can both iPhone and Streak to see each other; I get the dialog saying "confirm that number xx appears on the other device's screen" and press the button to confirm that; but that's it. ClockworkMod Tether (no root) - Apps on Google Play ClockworkMod Tether is a USB tether solution for Mac, Windows, and Linux that allows you to use your phone's data connection to get internet access on your desktop or laptop.