Jun 13, 2020

HBO - Wikipedia On November 1, 2018, HBO and Cinemax were pulled from Dish Network and Sling TV in a carriage dispute with Dish Network Corporation over distribution fees, marking the first time the network had ever been removed from a pay television provider in its then 46-year history. (The dispute did not affect Dish/Sling's carriage of WarnerMedia's other How the HBO blackout on Dish might impact the DOJ's appeal Nov 02, 2018 HBO Status? : dishnetwork As a dish network installer.its a shitty situation.i had a customer tell me after a hopper upgrade how much they love dish and all the channels for the price.Then ask me what movie she was getting for free with the upgrade and that she hoped it was hbo that’s her fav I told her no ma’am it’s starz.then I got the hell u outta there before she realized hbo is no longer with dish and asked

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