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Synonyms for in regards to include in respect of, with regards to, as regards, in terms of, with respect to, in relation to, with regard to, in regard to, regarding and … AS REGARDS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary as regards definition: fmlabout; relating to: . Learn more. Regards Synonyms, Regards Antonyms | - Free Greeting cards - Free Birthday eCards

The closing: "Regards" Bates: It's less friendly than "Kind regards," and can be a bit perfunctory, but it generally works well. Kerr: This salutation is a little short and a little distant, but

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As regards definition is - in regard to : with respect to. How to use as regards in a sentence. Oct 11, 2018 · [Regarding/In regards to] your text message, let’s pretend it never happened. [Send my regard/Send my regards] to your mother. Shawna called me [regarding/about] your overdue library book. I have one rule [with regard to/with regards to] your driving: Always wear your seat belt. Answers I want to talk to you in regard to the confetti incident. The web's largest collection of free greeting cards including free birthday ecards, animated e-cards, and free holiday ecards. Personalize your free greeting cards and free ecards. Recently a couple of readers wrote to with an issue they had with one of our slideshows from a few years ago. They objected to the following sentence: “Speakers tend to use [obviously] … to emphasize their point with regards to things that aren’t necessarily obvious …” Our users told us that the phrases with regards to and in regards to are incorrect, and …