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Authoritative nameserver - This final nameserver can be thought of as a dictionary on a rack of books, in which a specific name can be translated into its definition. The authoritative nameserver is the last stop in the nameserver query. If the authoritative name server has access to the requested record, it will return the IP address for the requested hostname back to the DNS Recursor (the DDNS – Firewalla DDNS (Dynamic DNS) is a service that maps Internet domain names to IP addresses.DDNS serves a similar purpose to the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS): DDNS allows anyone hosting a Web or FTP server to advertise a public name to prospective users. DDNS.City DDNS.CITY offers an entirely free dynamic DNS service that is used every day by users across the globe. Each registered member will get 3 DDNS hostname for free. Meanwhile, for people who have registered City gTLD domains with any registrar’s domain service, DDNS.City offers a relative ddns hostname for each domain registered. Login - welcome to ddns The country cannot be changed once saved, please select it prudently. ©2013 HIKVISION | 浙ICP备05007700号-7 By using Hik-online services, you agree to our cookie policy and privacy policy. Ok

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Network Setup > DDNS Use the DDNS menu to configure the NVR’s DDNS network settings. DDNS Function – Enable

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