Dec 23, 2014 · Question Limited download speed? Networking: 2: Mar 19, 2020: Question Good download and upload speed but very high ping: Networking: 5: Mar 18, 2020: H: Question 800+ download but 3-5 upload speed. Throttled? Need fix. Networking: 4: Mar 2, 2020: G: Question Good download speed, terrible upload speed. Networking: 3: Feb 16, 2020

Sep 05, 2014 · I live in an area where until now the fastest upload speed I could get was 2 mbps, on a good day, it usually averages 1~1.5 mbps. Download speeds ranged between 5 ~ 20 mbps. I do a lot of video work and I constantly upload large files to my servers. Apr 08, 2020 · Microsoft recommends download speeds of 3 Mbps and upload speeds of 0.5 Mbps for online gaming on the Xbox One.On its support page for solving latency issues, Nintendo similarly recommends 3 Mbps Dec 17, 2019 · There was not a mention of the upload speed on this page. After starting the service, I measured the download and upload speeds and the results were quite shocking. While the download speed is good at over 200Mbps, the upload speed is terribly slow at around 5Mbps. Though Comcast tiers vary based on region, the fastest upload speed available in my market is 10Mbps, unless I pay a lot more for gigabit. The tiers in my market are: 15/2. 60/5. 150/5. 250/10. 400/10. 1000/35. 2000/2000. Why are Comcast's upload speeds so low compared to other cable providers? I know it's not a limitation of the technology. Download speed is the rate at which a file downloads to your computer, Upload speed is the rate at which a file uploads to any server from your computer. The weather conditions effects the internet in a way that if your internet connection is wireless, it will be effected by extreme weather because the signals gets weaker due to storms and All my tests are indicating an intact download speed of around 9-13Mpps but terrible upload speed. I am well aware that upload speed is much lower anyway but mine is frequently timing out on tests – the last recorded one I got was 22Kbps! Ping tests at are showing 6-9% packet loss.

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While download speed is the most important factor in broadband service, it’s not the only factor. Depending on the activities you do online, you may also want to pay attention to Upload speed. This is the speed at which you can send information from your computer or device to the web.

Aug 15, 2018 · A twenty Mbps download speed will likely have less than 5 Mbps for upload. However, a new standard for transmitting data over cables, DOCSIS 3.1 , could make cable a lot faster. Essentially, 3.1 improves on 3.0 by taking the current channel widths of six or three Mhz, making them smaller, and combining them all into a much bigger spectrum.

What is a good upload speed? This post will talk about the speed most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t advertise. We’re going to cover why upload speed matters and what a bad upload speed can impact in your day-to-day Internet experience. Ting Internet offers symmetrical gigabit Internet. However my upload speed has been consistent since i installed it. My uplaod speed has been at 0.3 mbps every time and it is horrible. I need help fixing it. I have already gone through the trouble with comcast and the speeds with the old router are normal, its this router that is bad. I am connected with ethernet as well. Well, at first I thought this question was a joke and unreal until I read a few comments and came back to my senses that actually people outside Africa live a descent and superb life with everything at their disposal. May 30, 2014 · Upload and download speed is also affected by the distance between your computer and the server that is either sending or receiving data. In general, the greater the distance the slower the speed of the data transfer.