How to Uninstall Facebook Gameroom in Windows 10

Solved: Facebook app uninstall! - Samsung Community - 577000 So as far as OS and apps are concerned, they reserve the right to dictate what we can install and uninstall, how we get updates and what services can be turned on and off. With Android we can customize almost everything, but make no mistake, someone out there still decides exactly what we will be allowed to do on our phones, and we agree to. How to delete unwanted Facebook apps - CNET In the Settings screen, click the setting for Apps. Facebook displays a list of all the apps to which it's connected. Hover over an app that you wish to modify or remove. Click the Edit Settings icon. Delete a Facebook Status Update on its Android or iPhone App

1) Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Facebook Undo” extension. 2) After installing it, open your Facebook account. 3) Write anything on your Status update box and click on “Post” button. 4) Suddenly, an “Undo” button will show up and you will be given five seconds to undo your post.

how to remove any app! first and foremost i will not be held responsible for any damage to your device proceed at your own risk… note: be careful of what you delete!! some apps are dependent of one another ! 1. download android tools (adb & fastbo How to fix Facebook app that keeps crashing on Samsung

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