The Series 7 keeps losing its Wi-Fi connection. Power cycling the router has no effect. Power cycling the TV fixes the problem, but it will drop the connection sometime in the next day. It started after software update 1303 hung the Series 7 TV and required power cycling the TV to fix it.

How can I figure out why my Apple TV drops connection when Use Ping to test the connection speed and stability. Apple TV: Go to the Settings menu on Apple TV, select General > Network -note the IP address (you will need it later). Start Network Utility ; Ping your Apple TV IP, you might want to run a continuous ping to see if it changes significantly over time. Common Hulu Problems and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends May 14, 2020 ATV 4K constantly losing internet connection : appletv I think it has something to do with the compatibility with the att routers. Think it may need to be fixed with a firmware update. Tv os 11.1beta does not fix the problem. I currently have an Apple time capsule wired to the att router and 4K Apple TV wired to the time capsule and it is working perfectly. Getting up to 900mbps that way.

Please note, streaming 4k content requires upwards of 25 Mbps internet connection. Test another application We recommend testing another application to see if the issue is with the application or with the TV connection. If another application works then the TV connection is working properly and the issue may be with the application.

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The Apple TV 4/ Apple TV 5th Generation has Wi-Fi, and its specs are 802.11ac wireless with MIMO and 10/ 100BASE-T Ethernet or broadband internet access. So, I hope you verify that your device is compatible with the system network requirement. The connection uses SMB (have also tried AFP). Problem: after a period of time (hours / days) the network share will disappear. What I have tried so far: I have added the share to my login items under System Prefs > Users & Groups - this works, in that when I logon to the Mac Mini the shares are added.