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The first step is to encrypt your signal after that, hide it so they don't even know it's there. Hide Your Wireless Network Do other people have access to your wireless. When you click on the Wi-Fi icon in the Notification area, you'll see the list of Wireless network broadcasts that are within your connection range. With high range routers available in the market, the Wi-Fi broadcast signals are powerful and cover a long range. If you're an apartment dweller, you'll see too many SSIDs from Hide or Disable Your In-Home WiFi Network. Learn how to hide or disable your in-home WiFi network, To hide the SSID of the extended network: Go to Settings > Wireless > Extended Network. Select Hide SSID broadcast, and the corresponding SSID will not display when you scan for local wireless networks on your wireless device and you have to manually join the network. Click Save. Get to know more details of each function and configuration

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, If your network is hidden then it means that SSID of that network is not broadcasting, In this case you don't have to un-hide it, you just need the SSID, the Password and the WPA2 encryption method, to connect to this network Please let me know, if that helps and feel free to ask back any question.

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There's another problem with hiding your wireless network name: depending on the device, many devices won't let you automatically connect to a hidden network, and if you have automatic connection enabled, you're actually leaking your network name, as we'll explore below.

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